Elections and Enduring Realities: Australia's Nuclear Debate

By Jeffrey S. Lantis

"Australia has established a reputation as a global champion of nonproliferation, yet it possesses the world's largest reserves of uranium. Canberra therefore has strong countervailing economic and energy security incentives to change course and participate more fully in the recent renaissance of interest in nuclear energy."

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Martine Letts said...

This is a very useful tour d'horizon of the issue. I note that the reference to Ron Walker's Lowy Policy Brief on uranium sales to India (referenced in footnote 15) suggests that the Policy Brief supports uranium sales to India, which it does not. While recognising that there a strong case could be made for sales to India, based, among other things, on geostrategic arguments and the need to meet India's voracious energy needs in a carbon constrained world, the paper does not support uranium sales to India without additional international non-proliferation commitments.

A small point about the "conservative" Institute as cited in the article:we are a non partisan think tank, we subscribe to no political or economic model and our authors are responsible for their own work and views-that is, there is no "Lowy view" of the world.

Martine Letts
Deputy Director
Lowy Institute for International Policy