Nuke Commander Unhappy With Status Quo

By Wade Boese

"The top U.S. military commander in charge of deployed nuclear forces is speaking out against the current state of the nuclear weapons enetprise and advocating for new warheads and the infrastructure and people to produce them..."

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erich said...

"graying workforce."

“[F]rankly, I don’t see us achieving that vision in this century.”


"Russia is imploring the United States to negotiate lower limits, but so far the Bush administration has refused."

Let's hope saner heads prevail in the 12 member bipartisan commission.

Frankly, I feel anyone unable to see us achieving that vision and the desirability of a nuclear weapons free world has the qualifications necessary for head of Central Command. It is time to purge the military leadership of those unable to understand that the conviction that that is an attainable goal (as agreed to in UN resolution #1 in 1945 and the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty of 1969) is what has kept other nations from developing nuclear weapons.

If 1,700 nuclear warheads which WILL last until the end of this century won't deter an attack, who would even want to live in a world that would depend "on the productive capacity of building more modern genocide factories?

Let's be honest, a nuclear weapon is essentially a modern, high tech, super-sized Auschwitz. Do folks that see value in machines designed to kill as large a civilian population as possible have a missing gene?