New Opportunities for Nonproliferation

By Ambassador Thomas R. Pickering

It is clear that further steps in strengthening the Russian-U.S. bilateral arms control regime can and ought to be taken. One suggestion would be to aim to bring the size of each country's deployed strategic arsenal down roughly 50 percent to 1,200 to 1,500 warheads over the coming five years.

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saima said...

If the International community is really serious about making any progress towards the goal of non proliferation , then it seriously needs to consider Pakistan's case for extending agreements in the field of peaceful uses of nuclear energy. The country based approach of US in striking the Indi-US deal has very badly affected the non proliferation goals turning into a new challenge for it. Pakistan is a nuclear weapon state and has similar requirements for peaceful uses of nuclear energy. The international community needs to consider the Pakistani case as well, rather than moving on towards "selective Non-proliferation", as it would not bring any progress on ground.