Swiss Destroy Key A.Q. Khan Evidence

By Peter Crail

Swiss President Pascal Couchepin announced May 23 that his government destroyed files associated with a case against Swiss nationals suspected of involvement in the illicit nuclear trafficking network run by Pakistani nuclear official Abdul Qadeer Khan.

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shekissesfrogs said...

Kahn's claim that westerners are responsible for the proliferation of nuclear information reinforces the former FBI translator, Sibel Edmond's testimony. Kahn is probably a scape goat.

Absolutely the point has been made; If the swiss can hold vast sums of money secretly, surely they can hold a few CD's of evidential information for an upcoming court case - information that has already been disseminated and found in several locations. This obviously isn't some random act of altruism. Are they really this bad at cover stories, or are we getting smarter?