Nuclear Deals Adding Up for South Asia

By Wade Boese

Key nuclear suppliers wasted little time in offering their goods to India after a September waiver of international nuclear trade restrictions against that country. France and the United States swiftly signed bilateral nuclear cooperation agreements with India, while Russia is on the verge of finalizing a similar pact. Pakistan, India’s rival, also did not stay idle, claiming a new deal for two Chinese reactors despite a multilateral rule proscribing such a transaction.

On Sept. 30, France concluded the first nuclear cooperation agreement with India following the Sept. 6 Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG) decision to exempt India from a 1992 rule restricting nuclear exports to countries, like India and Pakistan, that refuse to grant international access to their entire nuclear complexes. (See ACT, October 2008.) The terms of the French-Indian accord, negotiated earlier this year, remain confidential. On the day of the signing, Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh thanked the French government for its “consistent support” of the three-year Bush administration campaign to void the NSG rule on India’s behalf.

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Anonymous said...

Please comment on your views on the fairness of NPT.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I would like to know this too. Is NPT a racist cabal?

More you read it, more you find that it is utterly unjustified, put together by mostly white, old racist men to control the world.

Pray, why would a insignificant country like Britain would have the right to test without any restrictions.

Anonymous said...

The problem with so-called "experts" like you it that you try to build an edifice on a flawed foundation: The foundation which states that all countries have rights but a select few have RIGHTS.

Why don't you address the crux of issue here: NPT is a flawed piece of document created when white man had a hegemony over the world. Similar to slavery, colonolism and self serving concepts like "white man's burden".

The world is moving on. It is time to trash the NPT.