The Future of Nuclear Arms: A World United and Divided by Zero

By Randy Rydell

Ever since nuclear weapons were first used in World War II, there have been proposals to eliminate them. The today is largely united on the merits of this goal but remains deeply divided over how to achieve it. Some commentators call for mass popular movements. Some urge the states with the largest nuclear arsenals to lead the way. Some have sought to redefine what "zero" means, saying that "virtual" arsenals or nondeployed weapons are okay. Some insist on absolute preconditions. Some address disarmament as merely a "vision" or "ultimate goal." A few seem to believe that achieving this goal will require nothing less than world government.

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1 comment:

R U Kidding said...

The jawbone, the elephant, armor, the long bow, gun powder, and latterly, the submarine "passed" - only when they were succeeded by more lethal weapons or defeated by effective defensive tools.

Be careful what you wish for.

For my part, I prefer development by America of defensive tools and positions sufficient to deter the rational and obliterate the irrational enemies who attempt to use nuclear weapons against us.