Pressing the Nuclear Reset Button

By Daryl G. Kimball

The Cold War ended nearly two decades ago, but U.S. and Russian leaders have missed opportunities to implement agreements that would have achieved deeper, irreversible cuts in their nuclear and missile stockpiles. As a result, their nuclear weapons doctrines and capabilities remain largely unchanged, and mutual suspicions linger.

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Anonymous said...

Mr. Kimball certainly had my attention in the lead up to the Indian nuclear deal. I am glad to see he continues to push disarmament and START, although I do not see the same zeal - I think at a deep level he does not hold out hope for results.

And he would be right. If God were actively dispensing equal justice on earth, the United States would be given the choice of dividing the 9000 weapons the US and Russia possess equally among all nations or no nation possessing any nuclear weapons at all. What would it choose?

I suspect equal division rather than no nukes, because if God napped for a second, it would be better to have a deterrent than no deterrent.

So I wouldn't hold out much hope for any meaningful progress by the end of the year. Neither the US or Russia are likely to give up anything substantial, thank God.

Anonymous said...

Another interesting coincidence is that DOE made sure that they announced that the NIF (centerpiece of confidence in ratifying CTBT)
on March 31th before the both US and American leaders met on April 1st.
good timing.