A World Free of Nuclear Weapons

An Interview with Nuclear Threat Initiative Co-Chairman Sam Nunn

"In my view, we're moving toward a nuclear nightmare with more enrichment, more nuclear materials, and more know-how around the globe and terrorist groups who have made it very clear they are doing everything they can to get these weapons." Click here to return to full story.

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R. Mirman said...

The discussion is excellent and I agree completely, but it is almost useless. Why are our policies so bad? Are these insanities really what the people of the US want? What is needed, before anything else, is education. People have to be made to understand, and that is possible, what our policies are, their dangers, and what wise policies are. You are talking to yourselves so have no effect. What do you plan to do about educating? Please let me know. sssbbg@gmail.com

Burt said...

1. America is socially conservative, Christian, and capitalist. Russia is socially conservative, Christian, and, now, capitalist as well. We need energy and resources, they have these. Sounds like they could be natural allies--moreso even than Western Europe. Why then does the media and US government treat Russia as the perpetual leper nation?
2. If you ring Russia with bases on her periphery, this says to all Russians that they are going to be attacked. And they will act accordingly.
3. I don't think Christian America should be led around by the nose by largely atheistic neocons, to attack Christian Russia, since it could lead to nuclear exchange. See the video "Threads" on You Tube to see the real consequences.
4. Having another "Cold War" will be enormously lucrative to US defense industries but it will bankrupt what is left of the US middle class. If detente was possible with a hostile USSR, why isn't it possible with Christian Russia?