Alleged Top Arms Dealer Arrested

By Jeff Abramson

"In early March, Thai authorities working in close cooperation with the United States apprehended Victor Bout, arguably the world's best known suspected international dealer of conventional arms..."

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valentin vasilescu said...

Take a look on this page :

It means Darfur/Sudan and Rwanda genocide also.

Anonymous said...

I would say it's more than likely that 'Bout' will be at it again. For was it really Bout delivering all those arms or was it somebody who uses his name?

Anonymous said...

I expect things will go on as usual. I don't for one minute believe it was Bout delivering all those weapons into Africa and elsewhere. It was far more likely to be the man who uses his alias, and he, this man, is far more likely to be the instrument of those who need to sell arms and take resources in exchange.