Bush's Nuclear Reprocessing Plan Under Fire

By Miles A. Pomper

The Bush administration's Global Nuclear Energy Partnership (GNEP) program, already under siege, has been further imperiled after recent action by several congressional panels and an April report from the congressional watchdog agency.

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Carl said...

The April National Academies report was comprehensive with the information that was available.. Like attach dogs, the Congressional panels responded accordingly. Dramatic decreases in funding for AFCI and zero for GNEP resulted. However, there is a major flaw.
DOE had awarded GNEP participation grants to 4 competitive international industrial teams; headed by AREVA, GE/Hitachi, EnergySolutions, and General Atomics.
The National Academies report and the subsequent congressional debates did not incorporate the intelligence of the preliminary reports from industry. It is unfortunate that such major evaluations of DOE planning did not take into consideration the exhaustive work of these esteemed international teams. AFCI and GNEP are critical to closing the nuclear fuel cycle – so important in our national energy program.
Nuclear power is the only major source of energy that has enjoyed a declining cost of production, and carbon-free!. This stellar performance should be promoted for our energy future and security.
These fine reports and presentations can be found at: http://www.gnep.energy.gov/gnepParticipation.html