Pentagon Calls for More DTRA Support

By Stephen Bunnell

A recently declassified report from a Department of Defense review panel calls on the government to provide more political and financial support to a Pentagon agency that is tasked with defending the United States from weapons of mass destruction (WMD).

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Anonymous said...

Ironically DOD through DTRA is spending (mis-spending?) millions and millions each year in the former Soviet countries to improve biosecurity and prevent the theft of biological materials. They are also engaged with former weapons scientists from the former UsSR. If it took 7 years to catch Ivins, who was right under their nose in the US, how long would it take DOD to catch any mischievious activities of the hundreds of US contractors working now side by side with former USSR bioweapons scientists? Ivins had a government clearance, was commended, rewarded by DOD — and it took way too long to catch him. It is frightening to think how the millions from the US DOD are being misused in these former soviet countries at the moment due to poor judgment, poor oversight, naivete and corruption.